About Us

Who we are

Amazing-U.com is India's first dedicated Social HR & Entrepreneur support portal .
We are a social HR portal with a unique difference of self fulfilling experience attached with it.
We believe that every human being is unique and deserves a chance to grow and prosper. This unique social HR Platform is created to support & rehabilitate anyone who has a history of physical,medical or psychological anomaly or disability. We have a vision to create more Success stories and more unique entrepreneurs from amazing individuals who were either ignored by the society or being abandoned by their own family because of past Medical, Physical or psychological history of disability or anomaly.

Amazing-u.com wants to be the newest address of hope & support for any underprivileged fresher jobseeker, Cancer winner, HIV winner, Rape Winner, Vision impairment winner, physical disability winner, drug abuse or immoral trafficking winner, housewife with a entrepreneur spirit, Acid attack winners who wants to come to the mainstream.

At AmazingU we believe everybody is a winner. We believe that if we can support these ignored section of Brave & amazing individuals and transform them into entrepreneurs, we will not only help them to create their own individual identity, it will also help their family well-being and to the entire society in a macro manner and in the end helping in Nation building.

Our vision is to create a society where no one is abandoned due to the fear of ability of creating a successful future by means of job or business .

Our goal is to create skill development centers in all cities of India to spread the awareness and training to produce more qualified & skilled resources for the industries all over India. We will use the 30% of our donations to provide underprivileged kids with proper education and basic amenities and fight against child labour .

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